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What if I don’t have my keys?
If your vehicle is being scrapped, having no keys is NOT A PROBLEM!

What if I don’t have my title?
In most cases, no title is no problem as long as you have your driver’s license and a copy of your registration. With those two pieces of information, Chappels Junkyard Cash 4 Cars & Auto Salvage & Scrap Metal Recycling should be able to pay you for your unwanted junk car.  We take care of the title fees for you!

What if I lost my registration?
If we need a copy of your registration to pick up your vehicle, you can get this information on your state motor vehicle department website.

What if I have the title but I am not the owner of the car?
You have to have the title signed off to you by the owner of the vehicle and have the needed permission from the current owner to get rid of the car.

What if I recently bought a property with an abandoned car on it?
Call your local police station for special instructions and paperwork needed for abandoned vehicles. You will need to do this before a tow truck is dispatched from our offices.

What do I do if one of my tenants abandoned a car in the parking lot?
Similar to the above scenario, call your local police station for special instructions and proper paperwork required for abandoned vehicles. You will need to do this before a tow truck can be dispatched from our offices.

How fast can you pick up my car?
Many of our tow truck operators are equipped to pick up vehicles within 24 hours of being called. In more densely populated areas, same day service is available upon request.

Do I have to be with the car when you pick it up?
It is possible for you to make arrangements with the tow driver to leave the care at a specified location with the necessary documentation in the car.

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